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Hey Toto – A Fun Agenda planner For Kids
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Helping Kids Get Organized!

Stay on top of your child's time

A Fun and Simple Agenda Planner For Kids!

Offering parental oversight so you can see exactly what you child has to work on, while they develop their self competence and earn incentives. Download the Hey Toto Parent mobile app to get started.

Download Hey Toto Parent Today!

How does using Toto help parents?

Monitor Your Child's Organization

Keep track of how your child is managing their organization.

Oversee their tasks

Monitor that your child is finishing tasks on time.

Easily Create Incentives

Have easy access to their task completion and opportunities to encourage them.

See Better Grades

When children are more organized, they bring home better grades.

After Parent Signup, Kids Have Their Own App Too!

Hey Toto requires parental registration to access.

Helps Kids Learn To Organize

Better organization means better grades and more self confidence.

Helps Kids Develop Responsibility

When kids manage their own tasks they develop more responsibility.

Helps Kids Act Accountably

When kids know that their parent can view they tasks and progress, they become more accountable.

Helps Kids Reduce Stress

When kids are more organized, they have reduced stress and better grades.

Watch this quick tutorial by A Real User!

Hey Toto helps both parents and their children stay organized around school tasks such as homework, projects and other things.

How is your child doing?

An easy to use program that helps children learn to organize their tasks and have all the information they need to do well at school, at their fingertips.

Other Tasks

What are you waiting for?

Sign your child up for Hey Toto Today!

Now available on iOS and Android devices!

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